Iranian Leathers

Welcome to our the exquisite world of Iranian leather. As a prominent Iranian leather supplier, we take pride in offering premium quality products across five distinct subcategories tailored to meet diverse needs:

1. Automotive Leather:

Elevate your driving experience with our luxurious automotive leather. Crafted with precision, our leather enhances the interiors of vehicles, providing both comfort and style. Ideal for wholesalers seeking top-tier automotive upholstery solutions.

2. Upholstery Leather:

Transform living spaces with our impeccable upholstery leather. From sofas to chairs, our Iranian leather adds sophistication and durability to furniture pieces. For wholesalers desiring quality upholstery materials, we provide the perfect solution.

3. Garment Leather:

Embrace fashion with our garment leather collection. Known for its softness and versatility, Iranian leather brings a touch of elegance to clothing items. Wholesalers seeking premium garment materials will find our selection to be both fashionable and reliable.

4. Shoe Leather:

Step into excellence with our premium shoe leather. Crafted for durability and comfort, our Iranian leather is the ideal choice for shoemakers and wholesalers aiming for quality footwear. Elevate your product offerings with our range of shoe leather options.

5. Bag Leather:

Define style with our exquisite bag leather. Whether crafting handbags or backpacks, our Iranian leather provides the perfect blend of aesthetics and durability. Wholesalers looking for high-quality materials for bag production will find our selection to be unparalleled.

Pickled Sheep Skin

We proudly offer a wide range of wholesale pickled sheep skins.


At Ethernal Horizon, we specialize in supplying Iranian leather to wholesalers and bulk purchasers. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each product meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Explore our subcategories and discover the richness of Iranian leather, where tradition meets modernity. Contact us for bulk purchases and elevate your offerings with the timeless elegance of Iranian leather.