Iranian Upholstery Leather

Our premium Iranian Upholstery Leather is luxurious and durable. It can enhance the beauty and comfort of any living space. It is made from the finest quality hides and has a rich and supple texture. This leather is resistant to wear and tear, so your furniture will stay pristine for years.

Feel the unmatched elegance of Iranian Upholstery Leather as it adds sophistication to your home decor. The shiny look of this leather makes furniture more attractive, adding to its charm. Whether used for sofas, chairs, or ottomans, this luxurious material brings a sense of luxury to your interior design while also providing exceptional comfort.


Our Iranian Upholstery Leather is classy and stylish, and it’s also practical. It’s soft but strong, so it lasts a long time in busy places. It’s easy to take care of and doesn’t get stained, spilled on, or faded easily. You can feel confident that it will stay attractive for a long time.

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